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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moments in the Wild

Four Animal Books: Tender Moments, Amusing Moments, Peaceful Moments, and Beautiful Moments
I just had to post about these books, because they're fantastic:

Tender Moments in the Wild: Animals and Their Babies
Amusing Moments in the Wild: Animals and Their Friends
Peaceful Moments in the Wild: Animals and Their Homes
Beautiful Moments in the Wild: Animals and Their Colors

They all use realistic photographs of animals, and give little facts that are just perfect for kindergarten or pre-k.  Fiction books about animals have their place, but if you're really trying to integrate science with language, I think these four books are perfect.

We also made this T-chart today, classifying animals by whether they live on land or in water:

T-chart to classify animals that live on land or in water
I gave every student in my class a plastic animal so that they could feel how many legs the animal had, whether it had fins, tail, trunk, etc.  Then each child came up and placed their animal in the appropriate category.  Some children could even describe why their animal was suited for land or water (by saying, for example, "My animal is a lion.  It walks on land.  It has legs.")  Sometimes we get so stuck in the routine of using two-dimensional materials in the classroom that we forget that young children love to feel and explore materials.  I purchased these animals from Lakeshore Learning and they're very detailed and realistic models.

My post would not be complete without talking about some fabulous songs that discuss animal habitats:

"Habitat" by Walkin' Jim Stoltz:  My students pretend that they have guitars when they sing this song, and you'll find yourself singing "Habitat, habitat, have to have a habitat" as you leave the school building - it's very catchy!  My 21-year-old daughter teases me about singing songs like this.

"Habitat Scat" by Mar Harmon:  If your tastes lean toward jazz and playing with words, try this song.

"Habitat Homes" by Dr. Jean:  If you want a slower, more sentimental type of song that also describes the physical features of animals' environments, then see if this suits you.

What are your favorite songs and books to use when teaching about animals and habitats?


  1. I love music, too! And how cute is your t-chart on the ground!! So smart! I tagged you in a're it!! {come and see!} ;)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thank you for all your ideas to go with my space unit! And thanks for checking out my blog. You are amazing. Just sayin' :) I can't wait to look at your other ideas. I'm having so much fun making friends on here! Have a great week and talk to you soon!