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Friday, February 3, 2012

Marvelous Math

Heart/number cards on a standard calendar kit for February

Somehow, one of my darling students lost a number from our calendar last week.  So I thought, why not make a new set for February that would help focus their attention more.  They noticed right away that the numbers for each day were inside hearts.  Immediately students started asking why there were hearts on the calendar.  Of course I asked them why I put hearts up.  Some kids thought it was because it was February, one said because I love them, and a few more said it was because we were learning patterns.  I'm just so proud of my children.  They're speaking so much more English.  Here are the heart numbers in case you want to sweeten up your calendar time:

Calendar Numbers in Hearts for February

Now, I know that using candy is a controversial issue in some classrooms, but I personally believe it's a great way to motivate students and to instill in them the idea that math is super fun!  So, I made these pattern strips to be used with Valentine M&M's.  I am going to buy the M&M's, have my daughter sort them (while wearing gloves, of course), and make up Ziploc bags for the students in my small groups.  Every time I do something like this, my children inevitably say that math is the best subject.  Let me know what you think about using candy in the classroom.
Pattern Valentine M&M Strips

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  1. Thanks for the freebie. I do use candy in my classroom. I know a lot of schools are often forbidden because they are trying to promote healthy eating.

    Queen with Class