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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bunny Hop

My class dancing to "The Bunny Hop"

When I was little, I remember doing a dance where I put my right foot out two times, my left foot out two times, jumped forward and back, then jumped forward three times.  I searched and searched for a bunny hop that was the same as what I remembered as a little girl.  Well, I found it on iTunes, and it's called "Bunny Hop (Rehearsal Version)" by Karaoke.  I found these ears at Target for $1 each!  Ok, I'm a little crazy, because I HAD to buy them.  I love props to use with dancing.  Whether it be scarves, wands, or boas, I just have to add these things to my collection.  The kids were so excited!  We pretended to put on all our bunny parts like we do when we imagine being different animals.  When we got to the ears, I told them "Hold on a second.  I have a special treat!"  I was a little nervous that the boys in my class might balk, but they didn't.  They loved it as much as the girls.

"The Three Little Rabbits" by Ivan Gantschev 

Have you ever seen this book?  It's The Three Little Rabbits by Ivan Gantschev.  We compared this book to The Three Little Pigs.  My darling little "bunnies" were so into it!  They told me that the three little rabbits had to make houses just like the three little pigs.  One of the kids added "except they're making them in the ground, not above the ground."  Anthony, one of my really shy kids, said "but the bad guy is a fox in the rabbit book, and a wolf in the other book."  Giselle said "the fox was being tricky, just like in the gingerbread boy story."  These are the moments when I really feel that the hard work pays off.

I found Jet-Puffed marshmallow bunnies at a Giant grocery store, and of course I had to make up some activities for them.  Here is the book that we used in small group reading.  It matches the marshmallows exactly.  I laminate the book and show the children how to put the marshmallows on top of each page.

I See Bunnies Big

This is a sheet that I made for sorting and counting.

Bunny Marshmallow Color Sorting

My daughter is 21 and in college now, and I have to say that her old toy chest is so useful when it comes to gathering materials.  I can't believe all the Beanie Baby bunnies that I bought for her over the years!  I had enough for a full class set, and we have been practicing counting, graphing, and position words.  The children even read their favorite books to the Beanie Baby bunnies.

My students practicing position words with Beanie Baby bunnies

I'd be so interested to know what teaching treasures you find in your child's toy box.  If you have time, please leave me a comment.


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