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Monday, September 14, 2015

My Super Class

Hi, everybody! This year I changed my theme to Superheroes. I took the advice of a lot of people out there in blog-land who said "Make your theme your own." Since my son-in-law made me kid-friendly superheroes, I decided to use them all over the room and in as many creative ways as I could think of.

To start off with, I'm using them as headings for my ABC word wall. Right now I have the kids' names underneath them, and later in the year, I will add sight words as they come up in the curriculum. I took a chance on this because I've never used this before as a large word wall. The kids LOVE it, though, and seem to be connecting to letters quicker than they have in previous years.

I made a reading poster for the library center which worked out really nicely. I think that all kids aspire to be superheroes, so if you tell them that superheroes are also super-READERS, they'll want to be super-readers, too. The kids really recognize the superheroes on the posters around the room because I play Superhero ABC Matching and Superhero Bingo with them.

I'm kind of getting a lot of mileage out of the superhero theme by using these characters across the curriculum in all subjects. I'm also always teaching letters while I'm teaching values, helping each other, turn-taking, and when someone is NOT doing the right thing, I'll ask them "Is that superhero behavior?" This is the first year that my kids really seem to understand that they're doing the wrong thing. They DO understand that superheroes protect others and take care of others. I really don't believe that the group that I have this year is any different. I really think it's the theme.

Here is a great song that I'm going to use during morning message.

I love action songs where kids can pretend to swim, fly, climb, etc. I just found this song, and it's got a really catchy beat, and her voice is very easy to listen to. Her name is Patty Shukla, and I'll be looking into more of her work now that I've discovered this.

Also, I wanted to make a special present for my daughter for her baby shower. Because her husband drew the superheroes that I'm selling on TPT, I had two of them made into stuffed animals. Take a look at Noodle Ninja and Tough Teddy! Adorable, right?

You can have your own drawings or creations made into stuffies, too. The site is called Budsies, and they'll make whatever you send them. It does take a couple months, though, so best not leave it to the last minute.

I hope you all have a SUPER week!