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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Puff the Magic Dragon

"Puff the Magic Dragon" book cover
When I was little, most nights my mom sang the song "Puff the Magic Dragon" to me before going to bed (my mother loved Peter, Paul and Mary).  I was so thrilled when I found out there was a beautifully illustrated storybook, Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow and Lenny Lipton, that matches the classic song.  When I was little, I always cried at the end, because of the message that we all grow up and leave things behind.  Well, this new book doesn't change the original song, but it adds a part to the end that shows a little girl approaching the dragon so that children will feel that Puff will not be alone for the rest of his life.  I personally really like this addition.  This is a splendid book with which to do a picture walk and have your students tell the story before you read it to them.  I played the song for my students as we turned the pages in the book.  My students especially liked the pirate ship page.

My pre-k students are really into fantasy books right now, so they asked me if I could make a dragon book that they could read by themselves.  I loved this idea, since my kiddos are really beginning to spell words.  Since color words are so important for the beginning of kindergarten, I thought I could prepare my students by making them this book:
Color Dragons

This book reminded me of a whole series of books that I made for my kindergarten students that moved them along from reading at DRA level 6 to level 18 in some cases.  The whole fantasy genre is so fascinating to young children, both boys and girls alike.  I decided to put up on TPT an entire Fantasy Guided Reading Unit that is ideal for advanced kindergarten students but also useful for first grade.

I hope your students enjoy taking a pretend visit to Honalee!


  1. What a great blog! Thanks for visiting mine. You have been followed. Now I am going to explore all your freebies!

  2. Great! Thanks for the great comment about the book "Puff the Magic Dragon". The song, the music and the book create in our Preschool classroom a peaceful atmosphere. The children love the song as well myself.