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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Magic in Your Classroom

The last two weeks, I have really been stressed!  We've been doing a lot of testing, and I feel like I've had to let go of some of the magic that makes me love my job.  Well, enough is enough!  We're done with testing.  I want to bring my classroom back to that fun place where children are growing, creating and loving school.

For Christmas, a friend got me this magic touch-and-feel hat from EAI Education.  He also made me cute little bunnies with the children's names (including Braille).  I'm using this as my "equity hat", so I can pull kids out of the hat to answer questions, do jobs, or anything else I can think of.

Magic Hat with Rabbits

Here are two different levels of guided reading books specifically made to go along with this hat, but you could also just use them as standalone guided reading books.  I left them as PowerPoint files, so feel free to replace my students' names with the names of children in your class.

If you're looking for more books about dragons, unicorns, princesses, etc., I have one advanced set on TPT and one emerging set on TN.

Finally, I heard a really nice cheer a few days ago.  It goes like this:  "Hocus Pocus, everybody focus!"  Doesn't that go great with the whole magic theme?

I'd love to hear your ideas about magical songs, books, or adventures that you do with your kids.


  1. LOVE the magic theme you've got going on! We do the Dr. Jean cheers in my room. I printed the little cards and taped them to my SmartBoard so I don't forget some of them.
    I just watched your video. You are such an inspiration!!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  2. I just watched your video and I have to are amazing! It just goes to prove how much a person can accomplish when they persevere. :)
    Adventures In Teaching

    1. Amy, Miss Nelson, and Lindsey, thank you so much for leaving such sweet comments! They make me feel so warm and toasty on these cold days. :)


  3. Love that hat!! I watched your video too! You are such an inspiration! I am your proud new follower! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten