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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Maryland Sellers Giveaway!

Hello everyone!  I wanted to let you all know about some great giveaways involving Maryland TPT sellers starting today, January 17 and running through January 24, hosted by the terrific Cheryl at Techie Turtle Teacher.  She has done a ton of planning and organizing for this giveaway, including several ranges of grades, so that everyone can benefit!  Please feel free to check out the Maryland Sellers Giveaway starting this Saturday.  You can also directly access the K-2 Rafflecopter giveaway using this additional link.

Enjoy the giveaway, my friends!


  1. Hi Sharron,
    You were very generous to invite me to join some collaborative boards several months ago when I was first starting on Teachers Pay Teachers. I'd like to return the favor and offer you the chance to join mine. :-) and
    Have a wonderful day! Paula

    1. Thank you so much, Paula! I can't wait to start pinning to those boards, but it doesn't look like I'm able to yet. I see that I'm already following those boards, but Pinterest doesn't give me an option to add pins to them. I'm thinking there might be one more step on your side of things to give me permission to pin to them, but maybe I'm just missing something. Please let me know what you think. Here's my email address and Pinterest address in case it makes it a little faster for you to add permission for me to pin to those boards:

      Thanks again.

      Sharon Dudley, NBCT