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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Kindergarten Resources for Learning at Home

Hi all!  I'm home taking care of my twins, and I wanted to offer some resources that might help parents continue their children's learning at home.

ABCMouse is a colorful, engaging website for students ages 2 to 8. It offers a wide variety of reading and math activities that can be organized and selected by parents. A separate profile can be created for each student to start at the appropriate level and take them to activities chosen by the parent. Student motivation is enhanced by choice of avatars and currency they can use to “buy” electronic rewards such as pets.

National Geographic for Kids as an information-packed website with a huge collection of facts, pictures, and videos about all kinds of plants, animals, and environments. Featuring kid-friendly navigation, this is a great resource for science research projects at a variety of grade levels.

SightWords offers a well-thought-out selection of free games and activities to teach sight words to young students. These are accompanied by effective teaching strategies and tips that teachers can use to improve their instruction. This website has also expanded its scope to include phonemic awareness and counting and addition.

Dr. Jean and Friends is a blog that offers ideas and activities from Dr. Jean Feldman, one of the most well known inspirations to teachers in recent decades. She is a resourceful and enthusiastic educator and accomplished singer who has released dozens of CDs of songs to teach language arts, math, science, social studies, and more. This blog gives teachers access to her latest advice.

Starfall is an exciting source of online games and activities that are fun and educational for children from pre-k through second grade. Produced by a publicly supported nonprofit organization, it features a great deal of content that students can explore independently to enhance their classroom learning.

Reading A-Z is an in-depth resource for language arts instruction, featuring free and paid content. This website includes some features that are not often found on similar sites, including webinars, information on teaching standards, leveled readers, and the ability to manage classes of students with a great deal of customization.

PBS Kids connects familiar PBS television shows to dynamic learning games and activities for children age 2 to 8. Students can choose a show or character they like and access educational content linked to that show or character. The site features exciting animations and sounds that help keep young children engaged and looking forward to the next game.

TeachersPayTeachers is a resource exchange site for teachers. Educators looking for products to use in the classroom can find a diverse collection of free and paid downloads including documents, worksheets, games, slideshows, books, and more. Teachers can also put their own products up for sale, or offer them for free. Detailed search options are available, letting you filter by grade, subject, type of resource, and price. The huge library of resources ranges from pre-k to higher education.

ABCTeach is an archive of resources for teachers from pre-k through high school. The resources consist mostly of printable files such as worksheets and workbooks, many of which are free. You can purchase a subscription to access the full library of content. The search engine allows you to focus on key words, and the list of results shows you at a glance the grade range relevant to each resource.

Songs For Teaching is a diverse resource for educational songs, poems, and plays. Selections include dozens of categories and feature well-known artists as well as some whose songs are hard to find elsewhere. The plays are a unique resource that can motivate students and help them become active contributors to class activities. Most purchases are available as CDs or downloads.

Let me know if you try these websites and if anything works really well for your child.  Conversely, if something does not work, I'd like to hear about that too.

Be well and take care!

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