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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pudding Color Mixing

Two colors of pudding being mixed on plates using marshmallows

My pre-k students LOVE to mix colors.  As a blind teacher, I always look for ways for my sighted students to experience projects with all five of their senses.  Paint is wonderful, but it doesn't smell very good, and you can't eat it.  So why not try vanilla pudding mixed with food coloring?  Fill a bowl with red pudding, a bowl with blue pudding, and a bowl with yellow pudding.  Have the students identify all three colors.  Give each student a small plate with a teaspoon of pudding and have them identify the color of pudding they received.  Have each student choose a second color of pudding to add to their plate, and use a marshmallow to mix the two colors together.  Have them pretend that their white marshmallow is a mouse, like in the story Mouse Paint.  (Mouse Paint at  My ESOL students spoke more during this project than I ever heard them speak before.  My four-year-olds started to use words like "squishy," "smooth," and "sticky."  Additional books that I've used for my students with color mixing include:

White Rabbit's Color Book on
The Color Kittens on

One song that I found about color mixing is:

"Color Changes" by Newbridge Songs for Learning


  1. This sounds like a terrific way to get kids motivated about color mixing. I especially love using a marshmallow to represent the rabbit in the story! That's a great book.