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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Marvelous Music

I found a marvelous treasure a few days ago while I was looking for songs to use for a presentation.  I came across a web site called Songs For Teaching and it has everything!  There are songs and plays ranging from pre-k to about 8th grade.  One thing that I like about this web site is that everything that would normally take me hours to look for is there at my fingertips.  You can browse by artist, subject, or skill focus.  While you're browsing you can see lyrics on the screen and listen to previews.  If you decide to buy an album, you can also download a packet with lyrics and sometimes suggested activities too.

For my presentation I chose a song or play from each grade level  (pre-k to 6th grade) to present to the staff, and most of these came from Songs For Teaching:

Pre-K:  "Everybody Do a Pattern" by Dr. Jean
K:  "Macarena Math" by Dr. Jean
1st:  "Diagraph Walk" by Dr. Jean
2nd:  "Parts of Speech Slide" by Mar Harmon
3rd:  "Boogie Woogie Measurement" by Learning Math by Song
4th:  "Point, Line Segment, Ray" by Learning Math by Song
5th:  Geometry/Polygons Musical Play by Ron Fink & Jon Heath
6th:  "Mean, Median and Mode" by Mr. Duey

The presentation was a success, and all of these choices worked extremely well.

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  1. I really liked the Digraph Walk and the Geometry Play. You found some really great age-appropriate songs. As a teacher I am hesitant to introduce some songs for fear that the students will think it is "too silly" for them, but these songs will challenge them and make learning more fun. The "Mean, Median, Mode" rap really surprised me with it's authentic rap style...Mr. Duey isn't messing around! LOL Thank you!