Video segment about me, by the school district

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Dream Come True

On January 24th, my county had a Pinning Ceremony for the new National Board Certified Teacher recipients. At that ceremony, one of the guest speakers said that it wasn't an ending, but a beginning.  He said that we should be prepared to work even harder, and that "great things would start to happen" for us.  Two days later, my county called me and told me they wanted to feature me in a spotlighted article.  They also said that our local news station, Fox 5, wanted to bring TV cameras into the classroom!  If this wasn't enough, my school system also approved accommodation for my blindness in the form of a full time assistant starting next school year, so that I could go back to teaching kindergarten.  All of these things made me so happy that I thought I was dreaming.  And to make my life complete, as I was walking down the hall, holding hands with my line leader, she asked me if I knew what the happiest day of her life was.  I said that I didn't, but that I wanted her to tell me.  I was expecting her to talk about a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, or a visit to her grandmother.  She said it was the day that she met me.

I have the sweetest kids in the whole world!

Here's a video of the Fox 5 broadcoast:


  1. I'm so proud of you, Ms. Dudley~!
    Yes, you are inspiring us as an awesome educator!! ^^
    It's certainly my pleasure to work with you!

  2. Wow! What a great segment! It certainly captured the love you have for your students and the dedication you have to your profession. However, I wish they would have shown some footage of the fun activities you prepare and some singing and dancing...the passion you bring to your classroom. It has certainly been fun working with you and learning from your teaching strategies. Congratulations my friend!

  3. You're amazing! Thank you for everything you have taught me. You are a wonderful educator and I'm so lucky to have you right down the hall from me!!!

  4. Congratulations!! That's awesome!!

  5. Oh my gosh- I teared up when I read that the happiest day of her life was when she met you. Congratulations!

    Rowdy in First Grade