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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Songs

Since today was the first day back for me and my students, I wanted to share three special songs that I put on my January playlist (I create playlists for each month based on the best songs I've found for that time of year).

"The First Month Of The Year" by Jack Hartmann is basically talking about January being the first month of the year, and that it's "a happy time for me and you, and your family too!" I've used this song in kindergarten and in pre-k, and the students learn it very quickly.  In kindergarten I used this song during Calendar Time, and in pre-k I use it during Opening.

The second great song, which I just found, is "Jjjj January" by Dave Bodemann.  This song has a very Latin feel to it.  I sang it today and the students loved stretching out the /j/ sound.  Beside being great for science and math, it's also a terrific letter connection song.  I think I'm going to use my egg maracas when we sing it tomorrow.  Sticks would also work for this song.

The third song that I want to recommend is "Weather" by Dr. Jean Feldman.  What can I say about Dr. Jean songs?  They're amazing, and she is the coolest presenter that I've seen in 22 years of teaching.  Her weather song works so nicely because it integrates science and letter recognition so well that the kids don't even know that they're learning how to spell four words as they sing the song.  Kiss your brain, Dr. Jean!

Enjoy this book that I made to go along with Dr. Jean's weather song:
Weather 2

I would love to hear from you!  What are some of your favorite January songs?

As Dr. Jean would say, keep on singing and dancing!

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