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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Season Songs

This post was inspired by one of my favorite kindergarten teacher friends, who is working on a unit for seasons.  These three songs are excellent for learning about what people do during each season, what they wear, and what the season looks like.

I like all of these songs for different reasons.  "The Four Seasons" by Newbridge Songs For Learning is really nice because the children repeat after you, and it can be used very simply with gestures that are obvious when you listen to the song.

"If You Know All The Seasons" by Kidzup Music is sung to the tune of "If You're Happy And You Know It."  The children are very active during this song, and I particulary like music where the students are standing up and moving.

"Seasons" by Dr. Jean is packed with facts about each season.  I remember on one of my tests about the seasons in kindergarten, one of my students started singing this Dr. Jean song quietly to herself to help her with one of the questions (and she got the right answer!).

Here is a graphic organizer that I used in kindergarten to assess whether the children had a basic concept of what each season looks like:

Season Graphic Organizer

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