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Friday, January 13, 2012

Who Hops?

The book "Who Hops," by Katie Davis
If you're looking for a cute and funny book to read with your kiddos, Who Hops? is perfect!  It's really simple, and the kids can read it themselves in the Library Center.  We read it today, and when we got to the page that said "Cows hop," the kids laughed and said "Cows don't hop!", which is exactly what the next page of the book says.  The cow also gives facts about itself for the pre-k and kindergarten level, which I really like as a science link.  The end of this book is also great, because it asks the children who can hop, swim, fly, slither, and crawl.  We had the children try to predict who can do all of that.  Nobody in my class guessed it.  I think one year, in kindergarten, somebody did say "I can!"  And they were right.  Of course, the children and I laid on our stomachs and slithered, we pretended to fly, and did all of the other motions that go along with the book.  We also graphed the animals by motion.

Here are some animal cards that match the book.  You can have the students hold them, or you could make necklaces out of them.

Animal Cards for Who Hops

Two great songs to go along with this book are two different versions of "Animal Action" on the CD Kids In Motion by Greg & Steve.  I have my whole class sit in a circle, with lots of space in the middle, and I call them up by table to dance.  In other words, I'll call out "Orange table, you're elephants!", "Green table, you're cats!", and so forth.

I made a giant graph for my classroom today, but if you're interested in an assessment-type graph to use with each student, check out my Animal Graphic Organizers on TPT.  They link directly to the Common Core standards.


  1. This sounds like a great book! Love the activities you did with it. Thanks for finding me and leaving me a comment. I am now your newest follower!
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    Looking forward to sharing ideas with you!

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